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Your private transaction management and deal capture system

Global commodity markets can choose between two software offerings to enhance how they buy, sell and trade cargoes.

→ GLX ONE – a customised solutions where we build all the required trading features to suit the needs and policies of an organisations internal processes.

→ GLX Connect – offers a digital market place to trade cargoes under any trade type. Currently in the LNG market, GLX has certified more than 80 companies to use the software.

Companies have the option to purchase and use them individually or together.

Next generation software
Next generation software

Next generation software

Discover how we can help you trade with confidence

connecting markets

GLX is an independent, online platform for selling or buying physical cargoes. Members can connect on the platform and securely transact using GLX's online tender process.

increased efficiency

GLX reduces transaction times, and creates additional optionality for your company. Sell or buy a cargo of LNG with certainty in as little as one hour, and optimise your LNG portfolio in real time.

Secure & compliant

Your data and documents are encrypted at rest and in transit, and stored in dedicated AWS RDS and S3 services, allowing you fast, reliable and secure access to your data.