November 21, 2023

What’s new in GLX CARGO release 1.8.0?

Based on valuable customer feedback, the latest GLX CARGO update includes powerful features and functionality that will drive even more value for your business. Here’s a snapshot what’s new in GLX CARGO version 1.8.0.

NOMINATION POTRAL – optimise portfolio value

The Nomination Portal allows you to track and manage your commercial nominations and gain insight into your high value nominations like you’ve never seen before.

Key feature functionality:

• Create commercial nominations tasks and master tasks in a dedicated nominations portal

• See buy-side and sell-side nominations, and any mismatches, in an easy-to-view table

• Receive notifications and alerts for key task deadlines​

• Automatically generate nominations tasks on all legs, including newly entered legs and those that have been changed in GLX CARGO

• Filter nomination tasks to quickly and intuitively to see what is due, when it is due and who is required to execute on those tasks


LEGAUDIT LOGS – enhance compliance

For our enterprise customers requiring the highest levels of compliance and auditability for their cargo positions, our new audit log feature tracks and displays every change to a leg including what was changed, who made the change, on what date the change was made and at what time.

Key feature functionality:

• View all changes made to a leg, including date, time, who made the change and what was changed

• Record the occurrence of events according to change types (event creation, event updates and event deletions), the time the event occurred and which user was responsible for the changes

• Initiate the audit log from any chosen leg, or from anywhere in the GLX CARGO system ​

• Set and manage audit log user access and permissions.​


ENTERPRISE REPORTING – save time generating your monthly reports

For enterprise customers requiring customisable, on demand reports on all data in their GLX CARGO system, our new Enterprise Reporting module allows you to build your own pivot table templates and customise reports.


Key feature functionality

• Build your own custom table templates

• Create your own custom tables to identify trends, insights and areas of improvement

• Access reporting specific value columns

• Customise the table layout, formatting and column names

• Export data to Excel or .csv file

• Using the pivot table data, cerate customisable reports

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