Digital Solutions

The technology developed by GLX Digital is designed to enable companies to build their own trading marketplace, a private platform offering complete control over data and pricing information.

The major advantage of our solutions is the comprehensive commercial intellectual property that is already established to seamlessly connect all departments within a large trading or energy company.

This means compliance is enhanced as all departments from trading and marketing teams, to legal, purchasing and more are connected in real time with all engagement recorded digitally.

Propriety software that connects your trading team with the global commodity markets in real-time.

A single solution to optimise your entire portfolio

Changing markets have only further complicated commodity management. GLX gives businesses a single, integrated solution to model, simulate, and optimise their entire portfolios and make informed decisions.

Realtime Visibility

GLX’s commodity trading and risk management software provides a single, powerful platform for managing physical and financial positions and assets, uniting information for the front, middle, and back office — all in real time. GLX eliminates the uncertainty that’s inherent in relying on disparate legacy programs or spreadsheets.

Benefits of your private transaction platform:

GLX designs, builds, and operates software to manage end-to-end transaction activities. The software provides an integrated platform through which users can:

  • Manage portfolio visibility, risk management, controls and regulatory compliance
  • Connect with other parties, either in a public or private digital marketplace, to conclude trades of physical commodities
The single source of truth
The singl source of truth

Permits all stakeholders (internal and external) to see only what they need via access control settings for added security

Allows teams in multiple locations to easily collaborate-whether they are in the office, travelling or working from home

Makes it possible for the entire trading team to communicate and to work off the same set of data inputs

Provides cloud storage and viewing capabilities for numerous file types