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Previews of the GLX Cargo application in different device types


Our flagship product, GLX CARGO, is a simple and intuitive enterprise cargo management solution designed specifically for energy companies. It puts critical data at your fingertips, and empowers your operations team to manage all aspects of cargo delivery in real time.

Previews of the GLX Connect application in different device types


GLX CONNECT is the world’s most advanced tender and auction solution for enterprise, connecting you directly with your counterparties. It provides you with leading edge tools to capture and analyse your data leading to greater profits, increased efficiency and enhanced compliance.


How GLX adds value to your business

Our next generation digital workflow tools are designed to empower you to manage your commodity sales and operational processes from end-to-end in real time. 

From marketing to trading, shipping and operations, our digital workflow tools connect teams across your organisation, and your customers, on a single, intuitive platform. 

The end result? You save valuable time, increase profits and reduce your exposure to risk.

A single source of truth

Consolidate your data in real time on one platform providing marketing, trading and shipping teams with a single source of truth. Connect anywhere, anytime from any device. All you need is an internet connection.

Customisable and scalable

Our platform is flexible and can be configured to suit any business process or requirement – add users and new modules seamlessly and affordably.

Increase profits

Real-time information and data provides greater visibility over your portfolio giving you the ability to   make better-informed decisions quickly and optimise your position in the market.

Next generation digital workflow tools for enterprise – increase productivity, reduce risk and maximise profits

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How GLX CONNECT is supporting Pilbara Minerals’ rapid growth

Pilbara Minerals has levelled the pricing dislocation in the spodumene concentrate spot market with the help of GLX CONNECT technology.

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