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Manage all your cargoes simultaneously and protect millions in value

GLX CARGO is an intuitive and easy to use digital cargo management solution that puts critical data at your fingertips, empowering your operations team to manage all aspects of cargo delivery in real time.

GLX CARGO is not an ETRM. It is a powerful, visual cargo management solution that arms you with all the necessary tools to manage your physical cargo positions on both the buy side and sell side of your transactions.

The benefits to your business? Save time, eliminate the risk of human error and duplication, ensure you remain SOC 2 compliant, and never miss a notice or deadline again.

GLX CARGO’s core features

Manage your cargoes

GLX CARGO allows you to manage all aspects of your physical cargo positions on both the buy side and sell side of your transactions.

  • Enter the details of your committed, un-committed and short cargo contracts, and from a list-view, or a dynamic calendar-view, filter to quickly locate any cargo in seconds. Click on any selected cargo to quicklydrill down into the cargo details
  • Receive alerts for key mismatches between your buy and sell side cargoes in real time
  • Access and view real time interactive graphs and charts displaying your positions
  • Create and manage complex deal chains – track and manage cargo cancellations, diversions and buy backs at the click of a button
  • Create a list of all vessels used to deliver your cargoes, seamlessly attach the vessel to each of your physical cargoes, and view all cargoes delivered by a specific vessel for your selected time period
  • Create a list of all ports and terminals and link them directly to your selected cargo positions
  • Create and manage specific roles for users, and control internal user access and permissions
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Link to your contracts

GLX CARGO captures all cargo-related contract details (SPAs, MSAs, CNs) then allows you to link your cargoes to the relevant contract.

  • View a list of all cargoes relevant to each contract, including volumes delivered by month and year
  • Capture and manage contractual flexibilities applicable to every transaction and automatically link those flexibilities to the relevant cargoes
  • Create child contracts under parent contracts and directly link them to the cargo position and the parent contract

Link to your counterparties

GLX CARGO captures all contractual counterparty details and then allows you to link them to relevant contracts and cargoes

  • View a list of all cargoes relevant to each counterparty entered in the solution, including volumes delivered by month and year for that counterparty.

Create tasks and notes

GLX CARGO allows you to create dynamic tasks relevant to the delivery of your cargoes and assign them to specific team members – create rules-based reminders and escalating alerts for your tasks so your operations team never miss a deadline again.

  • Create and manage a curated list of Master Tasks and set auto rules to apply them to your cargoes
  • Access a list view of all tasks and filter by completion status and assigned user
  • Create and attach digital notes to any of your cargoes, contracts, counterparties, ports or vessels, and share them with your selected team member

GLX CARGO upgrades

GLX One system

In addition to the above core functionality, GLX CARGO can be enhanced with the following upgrades, turning it into a complete, end-to-end commodity transaction management solution.

Deal management – manage your deal lifecycle and connect your deal negotiations in real time to specific counterparties, contracts and cargo positions.

Contract management ­– enter and manage all contract details; automatically determine pricing for index-linked contracts; automatically determine the value of each cargo and view forward values of all cargoes by contract and counterparty; and access our unique dynamic price chart displaying the daily forward price for a cargo and compare against selected indices.

Document management – upload and attach documents to counterparties, contracts, positions, vessels and ports; and link all relevant documents to a vessel, voyage or terminal.

Invoicing ­­– define your own invoice templates, automatically populate them with relevant cargo details, and attach to specific cargoes.

The benefits of GLX CARGO

Improved value chain efficency

GLX CARGO captures all key cargo information instantly making it available to your operations team from a single database. This enables you to react to value chain opportunities and disruptions more effectively and quickly.

Protect your portfolio value

GLX CARGO sends real-time alerts and notifications for all key contractual and operational tasks, and displays committed, un-committed and short cargo positions in one dynamic chart, allowing you to protect and optimise your portfolio value.

Tailor-made for commodities

GLX CARGO is the only cargo management solution designed to specifically manage all aspects of commodity cargo delivery in real time.

Risk management

GLX CARGO eliminates the risk of human error and duplication, ensuring your company remains SOC 2 compliant. Our certified ISO: 27001 Information Security Management System guarantees your GLX CARGO system is completely private and secure.

Integration Capabilites

GLX CARGO sits side-by-side with, and integrates with, all external third-party legacy, web-based and cloud-based applications, and market feeds. This streamlines your workflows and updates your data in real time.

Real time visibility and data on demand

GLX CARGO consolidates all of your cargo data in one system. It offers your team powerful, real-time visualisations and immediate access to critical data, regardless of where they’re located.

Cloud hosted

GLX CARGO is entirely cloud hosted making it completely secure and ensuring your data is backed up automatically. Cloud-hosted software eliminates the need for costly on-premise hardware and provides users with regular software updates and upgrades.

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Privacy and access control

GLX CARGO features sophisticated task management functions that enable you to set and assign tasks to individual members of your operations team. The system then sends alerts for critical tasks so you never miss a note or deadline again.

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Flexible software licensing options

Super charge your solution with a range of powerful, optional upgrades. You choose the number of seats needed for the users. You also choose between hosting the system yourself or using our management services to host your system on your behalf.

GLX One system

In addition to the above core functionality, users of GLX ONE can enhance their system with a range of upgrade features. These include deal management, invoicing, trade management and opportunity management. Want to know more?

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