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Manage all your cargoes simultaneously and protect millions in value

GLX CARGO is an intuitive and easy to use enterprise cargo management solution that puts critical data at your fingertips, empowering your operations team to manage all aspects of cargo delivery in real time.

GLX CARGO's powerful, visual cargo management solution arms you with all the necessary tools to manage your physical cargo positions on both the buy side and sell side of your transactions.

The benefits to your business? Save time, eliminate the risk of human error and duplication, ensure you remain SOC 2 compliant, and never miss a notice or deadline again.

GLX CARGO’s core functionality

Cargo Management

Capture your cargo details for your buy legs and sell legs using GLX CARGO’s position management tool and link every cargo to its parent contract.

Interactive Dashboard

Intuitive user dashboard with access to clickable and expandable portfolio performance and cargo status charts.

Counterparty Details

Capture key details for your counterparties, easily link them to their respective sale and purchase contracts, and view all contracts and cargoes by volume at the click of a button.

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Contract Details

Capture key contract details for your SPAs, MSAs, Lifting Agreements and Deal Recaps; easily link them to their respective cargoes, and view graphs of the volumes of each contract by month or year at the click of a button.

Ports and Vessel Details

Simply and intuitively capture the key details of all ports and vessels and easily link them to your buy side and sell side cargoes.

Contacts List

Create and edit your personalised contacts list and attach to your counterparties.

Task Management

For relatively straight forward portfolios, our task management feature will empower you to easily and efficiently manage your cargo delivery process.

GLX CARGO functional upgrades

GLX One system

GLX CARGO’s functionality can be enhanced with the following upgrades.

Advanced Task Management – enterprise customers with larger portfolios can automate and turbo charge their cargo delivery processes with simple to use but powerful rules-based Master Tasks. Create and generate templates for commonly created Master Tasks.

Nomination Portal – Create commercial nominations tasks and Master Tasks in a dedicated Nomination Portal, receiving notifications and alerts for key deadlines. Plus, see buy side and sell side nominations, and any mismatches, in an easy-to-view table.

Voyage Management – create and link voyages to vessels and legs to complete a roundtrip voyage, create voyage-specific Master Tasks and tasks to automatically generate tasks on your voyages, and link to relevant vessels and legs.

Deal Management – capture all documents, term sheets and additional information about counterparties and deals, track every important interaction throughout the deal lifecycle process including emails, store all approval requests with status visibility for all deal types (CNs, deal recaps), and use existing templates or create new approval documents to submit for approval.

Linked Positions – for enterprise users performing more complex cargo management including multiple lifters, split sales, cancellations and sleeves, Linked Positions enables you to easily track the complete history of your cargo’s delivery.

Advanced Contract Management – access GLX CARGO’s contract price builder to enter your complex LNG and crude price formulas to produce live pricing for every cargo in your system. Plot the daily forward contract price for each position (buy side and sell side), set price alerts to receive notifications if a floor price or ceiling price are crossed, track the economics for every position, and view real time economics for every physical cargo in your portfolio.

Dynamic Notes – through Dynamic Notes maintain real time, best in class communication within teams. Dynamic Notes can be tagged to all objects in the system as well as to any user, ensuring no-one misses a note relevant to them, and all users can see the history of a note.

Enterprise Reporting – for enterprise customers requiring on demand, customisable reports on all data in their GLX CARGO system, we offer our Enterprise Reporting module where you can build your own pivot table templates and reports.

Digital Invoicing – define your own invoice templates, automatically populate them with relevant cargo details, and attach to specific cargoes.

Document Management – upload and attach key documents to your counterparties, contracts and positions, and link them to your cargoes, contracts and counterparties.

The benefits of GLX CARGO

Improved value chain efficency

GLX CARGO captures all key cargo information instantly making it available to your operations team from a single database. This enables you to react to value chain opportunities and disruptions more effectively and quickly.

Protect your portfolio value

GLX CARGO sends real-time alerts and notifications for all key contractual and operational tasks, and displays committed, un-committed and short cargo positions in one dynamic chart, allowing you to protect and optimise your portfolio value.

Tailor-made for commodities

GLX CARGO is the only cargo management solution designed to specifically manage all aspects of commodity cargo delivery in real time.

Risk management

GLX CARGO eliminates the risk of human error and duplication, ensuring your company remains SOC 2 compliant. Our certified ISO: 27001 Information Security Management System guarantees your GLX CARGO system is completely private and secure.

Integration Capabilites

GLX CARGO sits side-by-side with, and integrates with, all external third-party legacy, web-based and cloud-based applications, and market feeds. This streamlines your workflows and updates your data in real time.

Real time visibility and data on demand

GLX CARGO consolidates all your cargo data in one system. It offers your team powerful, real-time visualisations and immediate access to critical data, regardless of where they’re located.

Cloud hosted

GLX CARGO is your own, private energy transaction management solution. It features configurable user permissions – you define user roles, access permissions, and edit view rights. Roles can also be restricted by commodity and be aligned with SSO AD groups.

complient icon

Privacy and access control

GLX CARGO features sophisticated task management functions that enable you to set and assign tasks to individual members of your operations team. The system then sends alerts for critical tasks so you never miss a note or deadline again.

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Flexible software licensing options

Supercharge your solution with a range of powerful, optional upgrades. You choose your level of support, the number of seats needed and how you would like the system to be hosted – either multi-tenant or single-tenant hosting in the AWS region of your choice.

GLX One system

In addition to the above core functionality, users of GLX ONE can enhance their system with a range of upgrade features. These include deal management, invoicing, trade management and opportunity management. Want to know more?

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