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Enhance the way you buy and sell commodities

From driving more efficient and competitive pricing outcomes to improving compliance and data capture, GLX CONNECT is a game changer for commodity companies looking to digitise their tender and auction processes.

GLX CONNECT’s market leading tools allow you to build term sheets, evaluate and compare deal terms in real time, receive and respond to counterparty enquiries through the platform, and digitally transact in any way you see fit (i.e. by tender or auction). 

By connecting you directly with your customers and suppliers GLX CONNECT enables you to create your own private digital marketplace – something no other system can do.

The benefits of GLX CONNECT

GLX CONNECT provides you with leading edge tools to realise greater profits, increase efficiency, enhance compliance and connect directly with your counterparties.
  • Digitise sales and procurement workflows
  • Transact directly with buyers/sellers
  • Consolidate your trade and procurement activity on one, privately owned and secure platform
  • Sell or procure in any way you see fit, be that tender or auction
  • Improve compliance and reporting
  • Create a transparent sales and procurement environment based on physical, real-time data sets
  • Own and control this valuable data
  • Capture all key communications – both internal and external
  • Gain greater organisational visibility and efficiency
  • Access all relevant counterparties instantly

GLX CONNECT’s core features

Flexible deal types

Digitise your sales and procurement process and choose from digital tender or (subject to subscription) auctions.

Digital deal templates

Digitise your deal flow and build your own completely flexible term sheets and deal sheets, saving them to edit and re-use whenever needed.

Real-time activity timelines

Provide real-time activity timelines to track discussions and negotiations securing the optimal outcome for your portfolio.

Counterparty management

Create and manage your own counterparty list. See real time views of your counterparty activity, including trade communications and trade status.

Mobile ready

Manage your sales and procurement from your tablet or smartphone – collaborate with your team, close deals and communicate with your counterparties, from anywhere on any device.

Personalised corporate branding

Your CONNECT portal is branded in your organisation’s logo to provide a consistent look and feel for your CONNECT dashboard and user screens, both internally and for your counterparties.

Live counterparty messaging

Utilise the secure messaging feature to contact your chosen counterparties.

Intuitive dashboard

Your CONNECT dashboard is simple and intuitive, and gives you access to key trade information at a glance.

GLX Connect screenshot

In addition to the above core functionality, users of GLX CONNECT can enhance their system with a range of upgrade features. Want to know more?

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How GLX CONNECT is supporting Pilbara Minerals’ rapid growth

Pilbara Minerals has levelled the pricing dislocation in the spodumene concentrate spot market with the help of GLX CONNECT technology.

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