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Included Functionality & Features
Counterparty Management
Add and manage counterparties, attach all relevant documents to a counterparty, and view contract and invoice information related to your counterparties.
Contract Management
Create, edit and manage contract details including (but not limited to) Lifting Agreements, Offtake Agreements, General Terms and Conditions, Master Sale and Purchase Agreements, Deal Recaps and Confirmation Notices. Attach all relevant documentation to a contract and configure quality metrics based on typical commodity measurements.
Position Management
Create, track and manage contract positions (cargoes, containers etc) on both the buy side and sellside, including all relevant key tasks. Capture all contractual details and flexibilities (sale or purchase) for every position, and attach key documents and vessels to the cargo position. Display the contract price, value and price history for every position.
Task Management
Create master tasks in your ONE system, set task templates, generate recurring task reminders and assign to users to each task.
Shipping Management
Create tasks relevant to a vessel and then automatically attach the tasks to a cargo position. Manage a list of your vessels and view all vessel details, including all voyages, and attach all relevant documents. Measure vessel utilisation for your specified vessels.
Port Management
View a list of all ports and link all relevant documents to a vessel, voyage or terminal. Link ports and cargoes to automatically update information and keep data true for your shipping personnel.
Document Management
Upload and attach documents to counterparties, contracts, positions, vessels and ports. Store, search and sort a master list of all documents in the your ONE system.
Core Software License
The software license entitles you to access GLX ONE’s core functionality (as outlined above) as well as general updates for security and system performance.
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Hosting Options
GLX managed service
Utilise GLX’s ISO 27001 certified team to deploy and manage your system. We deploy to a single tenanted AWS account, managed by us.
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Host and manage yourself
GLX can establish your system in your own AWS account then hand over to your team to run and manage. Updates and enhancements can be provided using Docker and Kubernetes.
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Each seat allows a user within your organisation an individual login to your ONE system.
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Software License Upgrades
Deal Capture
  • Connect your negotiations in real time to specific contracts and portfolio positions
  • Enter all the details of a deal, save a deal as a draft or template, preview a deal, set deal mandates and approvals, and publish a deal
  • Join the dots for any deal across your organisation via ONE’s real time data management
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Trade Pack
  • Live cargo economics (port and canal costs, agent fees, shipping fees)
  • Dynamic contract pricing (automatically determine pricing for index-linked contracts)
  • Dynamic price chart displaying daily cargo price against selected indices
  • Auto generated reminders for price out of range versus selected indices
  • Exposure identification
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  • Define your own invoice templates and generate invoices in the correct formats
  • Upload and attach invoices to specific cargos, ports or vessels
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Opportunity Management
  • Create opportunities and track progress
  • Add notes, tasks, documents and reminders to an opportunity, and track interaction history to document conversations with specific contacts
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Security + Compliance Pack
  • SSO
  • Advanced User Management - RBAC
  • Audit log
  • Staging environment
  • Request new counterparties undergo ABC due diligence and approval
  • Record and update the credit ratings and limits of counterparties
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Multi Region License
  • Two regions
  • Three regions
  • Four plus regions
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Trade Optimisation
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Graphs and Charts
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Tech Support
Support time availability
9am-5pm AWST (UTC+8:00)
Support hours per year
40 hours
Communication channels
Support time availability
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Access to custom support plans including 24/7 support availability
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Service Level Agreement (SLA) Response Time
1 hour
P1 - Critical
2 hours
P2 - High
4 hours
P3 - Normal
1 business day
P4 - Low
2 business days
Included Functionality & Features

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