August 19, 2021

How GLX CONNECT workflow software can increase your profits

Contract documentation? What a yawn!

Filling out and filing deal sheets and forms? An even bigger snooze fest!

Unfortunately, getting those all-important signoffs from management usually involves a long and winding trail of paper.

This is where GLX’s multi-user digital workflow tools come into their own. From the real estate agent looking to digitally manage and sign their sales and leasing contracts, to the Chief Operating Officer needing to streamline the approval and tender processes for major mine site shutdowns, our GLX CONNECT software simplifies, streamlines and automates the mundane, but necessary, steps needed to get business done.

Manage your sales and procurement processes in real time, digitise contracts and documents, customise standard forms and term sheets, capture internal communications, automate repetitive tasks, connect teams and track any and all sales and procurement processes – our GLX CONNECT software is highly configurable, completely private, secure, and user-friendly.

It may sound boring, but by digitising your everyday workflows, you’ll ultimately save time allowing you to focus on more profitable and enjoyable tasks. It’ll also reduce your exposure to human error and other risks.

Read on to discover how our GLX Connect workflow tools can work for you.


Commodity companies face an ever-present mandate to increase profits, improve efficiency and reduce the business’s exposure to risks. But this is an uphill battle when resource management, price discovery and data mining processes are opaque and spread across disparate trading platforms and methods.

CONNECT Commodities is purpose-built technology that connects sellers directly with buyers so that margins are returned directly to the producer and not a third party. It can be used by any commodity supplier – especially those operating in an opaque market – to access equitable, market based pricing outcomes.Completely customisable and private, the CONNECT Commodities portal also facilitates transparent trading in any way companies see fit – bilateral, tender or auction.

The software streamlines resource management, captures all pre- and post-trade information, gathers and stores critical trade data, identifies portfolio optimisation opportunities in real-time, speeds up transaction times, and reduces and tracks compliance and governance requirements all on one simple, easy to use platform.  

The end result? Users increase their profit margin, reduce their exposure to risk and improve productivity.

To see how CONNECT Commodities can be used to help companies increase profits, hear Ken Brindson, CEO Pilbara Minerals, explain how the company is optimising their portfolio using their GLX-developed sales and trade platform.


While procurement is widely understood to be the obtaining of goods and services, it’s also inclusive of the processes companies go through to make their final purchasing decisions.

From approving and purchasing physical goods through to approving contractor services for office maintenance, large-scale events and major mine site shut downs (for example), traditional procurement processes involve collecting numerous tenders and quotes, comparing those documents, raising purchase orders and tracking budgets.

Our fully customisable CONNECT Procurement tool does all this and more on one intuitive, easy to use platform. The software automates the procurement process making it more transparent by digitising tender documents and contracts and capturing all communication with suppliers in real time. It allows you to compare contractors and quotes side-by side, track and store your sales discussions and negotiations, and manages multiple deals simultaneously.

The end result? Greater transparency, accountability and automation in your procurement process saving you money, countless hours and reducing your exposure to risk.


The time required to focus on listings and close out deals keeps real estate agents busy enough. Unfortunately, existing contract management processes mean agents waste precious time on manual data entry and lengthy email chains for each negotiation.

Our CONNECT Real Estate tool is a digital sales portal where real estate agents can connect with their clients and digitally manage their sales and leasing contracts from end-to-end. Fully customised with agency branding, the portal is completely private and enables agents to generate listings, digitally manage the negotiation process and all associated communication, and close out deals all on one easy to use platform, continuously updated in real time.

The end result? By automating contract negotiations agents have more time to do what they do best – generating more leads, focussing on their clients and closing out their listings.

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