January 19, 2024

How to slash hours off reporting time

How long does it take to generate your monthly management reports?

By using GLX CARGO’s new enterprise reporting feature (available now in version 1.8.0) users can build and export sophisticated, custom reports and tables in minutes.

GLX CARGO’s new Enterprise Reporting feature provides cargo operations teams with an interactive way to build pivot tables with a user-friendly interface to quickly summarise large amounts of data, extract insights and make data-driven decisions.


Instead of importing data from another table or external data source, data insights can be drawn directly from within GLX CARGO. The Enterprise Reporting feature is able to access values from any and all fields in the system allowing users to view critical data in one central location. Users can then completely customise reports to identify trends, insights and areas of improvement by selecting relevant data sets, filtering the data based on different criteria and choosing the appropriate aggregation functions.

Key feature functionality:

✅Build your own custom table templates

✅Use the pivot table data to create customisable reports

✅Create your own custom tables by selecting relevant data sets​

✅Filter based on different criteria and fields

✅Access reporting specific value columns

✅Customise table layouts, formatting and column names

✅Export data to .csv or Excel

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How purpose-built technology benefits cargo operations

By leveraging purpose-built technology, commodity companies can streamline their cargo operations by reducing costs and risk exposure, and increasing their competitiveness in the market.

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