November 18, 2020

Managing the transition to digital

The excitement that new technologies create as companies look to enhance their operations, particularly at a time like today when the move towards digitalisation is accelerating, can sometimes be tempered by resistance among some staff.

At GLX, we’re used to helping companies with their digital journey, so we’ve outlined three simple steps to consider when it comes time to helping staff feel more comfortable and part of the change.

1. The C-suite should support

Senior management should work across their organisation, from the commercial and trading functions to IT, to determine the best path of promoting the benefits of digital transformation. This can include internal education and a mix of marketing and sales efforts in order to inform and explain the benefits of digitisation for the company and its key stakeholders.

2. Early and proactive communication

The practical implementation of most technology solutions is far less intimidating one might expect, particularly where GLX Digital solutions are concerned. As much as possible, starting engagement early to both confirm why the changes are being made, and the benefits they can being the organisation, can provide clarity for users.

3. Provide training

We find that when staff are engaged in the process, which includes getting them to spend time using and operating the software, the better the long-term result. Setting up accessible training workshops helps your people feel part of the change, and importantly builds confidence and competency.

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