January 17, 2024

Protect millions in value with GLX CARGO's Nomination Portal

Are you using spreadsheets to track and manage your contractual rights and obligations for the LNG cargoes you’re purchasing and selling?

If so, you will be very familiar with the manual and time-consuming workflow and risks that spreadsheets expose your company to, including inadvertent human error and incorrect document versions.

The new Nomination Portal in GLX CARGO.
Launched in October 2023 as part of release 1.8.0, the Nomination Portal in GLX CARGO provides you with unprecedented access and detail for your commercial cargo nominations, making it simpler, easier and far less stressful for your commercial cargo operators to accurately track and action key commercial rights and obligations.
Users of GLX CARGO set up their master nomination rights and obligations in the Nomination Portal, which then auto generates nomination tasks with due dates and reminders for every cargo, once the rules set in the master nomination task are met. GLX CARGO’s proprietary algorithm matches comparable nomination tasks on the buy side and sell side of a position and presents relevant information in a simple, intuitive table that allows cargo operators to quickly see all commercial nominations, including any  mismatches.

Cargo operators never miss a nomination deadline again and are empowered to simply and intuitively manage their LNG cargo rights and obligations. Less stressed and happy cargo operators has to be good for everyone in your business... right?

To discuss how the Nomination Portal in GLX CARGO can add material value to your business and potentially save you tens of millions of dollars in value leakage, email or visit our website


How purpose-built technology benefits cargo operations

By leveraging purpose-built technology, commodity companies can streamline their cargo operations by reducing costs and risk exposure, and increasing their competitiveness in the market.

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